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My Reflection and Auto Evaluation

Sadly, in the stats, it appears that nobody has seen, checked, viewed any of my works, but that’s okay. I still had fun making these for my class and for myself to learn and grow.

I think the best production I’ve done in the semester is the Art and GIF Gallery, they were really fun to make and play around with. As well as learn from it. However, my favorite has to be the Art Gallery.

What I gained from this course is the fact that now I can use Twitter and Instagram a bit more than I ever did before. It was nice to also open up to my friend Sergio with these podcasts, at first I didn’t like them but I grew fond of them. It was also nice to have conversations with the professor throughout the class and the new platform is quite nice. The two most important things I learned in this course was to use Twitter more often to check on the news and to look more at gallery paintings, which I found quite fun to do. The 2 things I found interesting about this class was the new platform and the “Take A Picture Everyday” game on Twitter. I’ve never used a platform like the one Inf 115 provided me with, its really nicely organized and pleasing to look at, but since I’m not used to it I tend to forget about it, thus accidentally turning works in late. The activity in Twitter was the funnest project and the most interesting thing to me. It helped me grow, yet have fun taking pictures on whatever I have on my surroundings. I would like for the professor to maybe send announcements through email, because to me it resulted difficult to know about any assignment he would give unless I was in class. I tend to forget to check both canvas and the new platform due to my short attention span, and emails tend to remind me to check. That’s the only change I would like. Besides that, I think this was a very nice and fun class.


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