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My Life Under the Pandemic

When the mention of a possible pandemic occurred all throughout the news, I honestly couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a cruel joke and the media was exaggerating the situation, but it grew more and more until it actually started affecting the whole world. I was going on a educational trip with my teachers from my old school, I was considered a special guest since I’ve traveled with them before in 2017. We were going to Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam until the news of Wuhan, China letting loose a dangerous disease circled around the world and was advised to cancel right away in case if it ever got worse, which it did. The cons of this pandemic experience was the fact that I couldn’t see my friends for a very long time, restaurants having people so far from one another was a very lonesome sight and not being able to see a loved one’s complete face with the mask on was truly upsetting.

It was truly a very lonely experience at first. As time went by, the pros of the pandemic was that we could stay home taking classes which helped me in some cases since I could go at my own pace and sometimes stay comfy in my pajamas if the camera could stay off. I got to spend more time with the family by watching movies and playing videogames together. Zoom has truly been a life saver when it comes to classes and seeing friends, same with Google Meet for work and watching movies, it gives us a sense of “you are not alone in this”, it’s nice. I cant say the pandemic has been the best thing that ever happen to me, but it helped me appreciate what I have and to cherish every single moment with loved ones since you don’t know how long it will be before you can see them or hold them tightly again.




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